M. Ramsay

Mother of a six-year-old and thank God that Father Goose’s music is sooooo cool to listen to because Nia would drive me nuts by playing his music over and over and over again. Good job, keep it up!


(When asked: “Did you enjoy the show?”) Loved it. Loved it because the kid loved it. Loved it because the kids liked it but I could also stand it. I mean really … I mean really, I was singing and dancing.

Catchcha Fyah

Father goose music is a tremendous way to have good clean fun with everyone in the family. We all come together with perfect strangers to dance and laugh and play and sing even if we don’t know the words. It’s the vibe of love and happiness that brings it all together.

Dan Zanes

The Father Goose Experience will get the parents and kids involved with sing-along, lots of dancing and trains. It’s music for all ages, because long after the party has ended and the kids have gone to bed, the parents will still be enjoying the music. That’s why it’s a “Bashment Time”, a never-ending party.