Why Father Goose Music for Your Event


The artist Father Goose Music, is the winner of the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards and the Grammy Awards with the group “Dan Zanes and Friends” also Nominated for the 64th Grammy Awards for Best Children's Album with the group 1 Tribe Collective and was on the Disney Channel, part of Playhouse Disney, he also peaked at # 7 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. During the covid pandemic his song “I Can Make It” was the Theme song for Hollywood Hills H.S. Virtual Graduation and prom then he and his son’s song “Stop Da Bullying” was part of the Broward County School prevention efforts and addressing our students during the 7th Annual Above The Influence Virtual Rally.

Nathaly Ramirez
Marketing / Public Relations

Stage Plot & Band Specs

Stage Plot
  • Father Goose Music 2 Wireless Lead Microphones
  • Background Vocals 5 Shure SM-57 mics or Similar
  • Keyboard 1 Two tiered keyboard stand 1 Yamaha Motif 76 or 88 or similar
  • Drums Yamaha Stage Custom with Hardware (Snare with stand, bass drum, rack tom 10, 12 floor tom, three cymbal stands, high sat stand with pedal and kick pedal)
  • Bass 1 Bass EDEN cabinet D810RB/Bass head WT1205 or Similar
  • Guitar 2 guitar stands 1 Fender Guitar amp or Similar


Document has been prepared to enable Father Goose Music and his band to give their best performance and should be adhered to strictly. The Artist accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any delays in show time as a result of these requirements not being met by Purchaser.

General Requirements

  • The Artist has a NO SMOKING policy. During the sound-check and concert there is to be NO SMOKING onstage by crewmembers, engineers, lighting techs, etc. Purchaser is responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met.

Outdoor Staging

  • The minimum flat, unobstructed stage area required by the Artist is 40′ wide x 32′ deep x 5′ high. Entire surface must be free and clear of all protrusions and capable of supporting 250 pound per square foot.
  • When necessary, there must be two (2) sets of access stairs with handrails.
  • The outdoor stage must be canopied or located in a shaded area away from direct sun to prevent damage to equipment. For outdoor rainy day performances, there must be a waterproof roof and side drops coverings to cover the complete staging area. The side drops are necessary to protect the stage and equipment from the wind or blowing rain and to prevent the risk of electrical shock. Artist WILL NOT PERFORM ON A WET STAGE.
  • Where the stage is a temporary, outdoor, structure, an upstage wind wall covered with black 73% scrim must be provided.
  • Construction of all staging must be completed a minimum of (2) hours prior to first load-in call.
  • At outdoor venues a barricade should be placed to completely secure and separate the entire backstage area from public areas, and public access.

First Aid Kit

  • A comprehensive first aid kit must be available from load-in through load-out.


  • The Purchaser agrees that they are solely responsible for backstage and front of house security and that only the Purchaser staff, Artist, Band and the Artist’s representatives will be permitted in the backstage area. Such security must ensure the safety of the Artist and his staff, instruments and equipment throughout the duration of the engagement.
  • Backstage Area Purchaser agrees to provide a secure backstage dressing area for the artist and the band’s possessions.
  • Purchaser is also to provide access to sanitary restroom facilities.

Production Management Purchaser agrees to provide Sound Technician / Production Representative contact information prior to performance date to ensure that all points of this production rider are met.

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