About Father Goose

Little Goose playing a Ukulele with Father Goose Father Goose is a Grammy award winner with Dan Zanes and Friends on the album Catch That Train. Known as “The King of the Dance Party,” he has created his own spin-off of shows titled “Father Goose and The Goose Trotters Band.” It’s based on a journey of his musical life, with music, games and stories from his childhood, combined with homemade and some familiar Caribbean music that creates the perfect blend for a dance party.

Father Goose on a bicycle A young Wayne Rhoden The songs used in the shows will be a mix of Father Goose favorites from the Dan Zanes and Friends albums over the years combined with new favorites from Father Goose’s solo albums Color with Father Goose, It’s a Bam Bam Diddly as well as the recently released favorite I Wanna Love U.

The show will also have occasional guest appearances from other performers from his albums and similar backgrounds. The Father Goose Experience will get the parents and kids involved with sing-along, lots of dancing and trains. It’s music for all ages, because long after the party has ended and the kids have gone to bed, the parents will still be enjoying the music.

Father Goose Music


Father Goose
Steve A. Williams — Keyboards
Ben Lieberman — Lead Guitar
Vic Rosario — Guitar
Danni Ai — Vocals
Kate Ferber — Vocals
Delilah Lady Delish Tollinchi — Vocals
Danger D — Vocals
Bendji Allonce — Percussion
Yoshi Waki — Bassist
Nick West — Bass Guitar
Steve Garcia — Trumpet and Percussion
Little Goose — Vocals